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Does your child have a fever? What to do and what not to do

Do you know what to do if your child has a fever? Doubts with the antipyretic that you can give in order to lower the temperature? Do you bury them under blankets and comforters? Do you ask for an appointment with the pediatrician or do you run to the emergency room? Without a doubt, these are the questions that appear for many parents because, with the changes in temperature, the fever is usually one of the most common reasons for medical consultation. The flu, colds, or larryngitis are some of the infections that children quickly catch. Above all, one must remain calm

The fever is a defense mechanism of the body, not an illness. Therefore, treatment should not be given if the child is not upset. According to Dr. Judit Calpe, medical director and doctor of family medicine at mediQuo, “in order to verify if they have a fever, take the temperature in the armpit. If it is above 38 degrees celsius and the child is not vomiting, you could give an oral antipyretic, recommended by a specialist, for example paracetamol. If the fever returns before 15 minutes, you have to repeat the dose.

On some occasions, in order to lower the fever, the key is to maintain a cool environment in the house. Do not wrap up the child and give him lots of liquid to keep him hydrated. In addition, it is totally discouraged to bathe, put cold cloths on your forehead, scrubs and the like, since the sudden difference in temperature would be harmful and unpleasant for the child.

If a child has a fever, it does not always need to be examined by a doctor. For that reason, Dr. Judit Calpe tells us the factors so that we know when to visit the pediatrician or go to the emergency room.

When should you go to the pediatrician?

  • If the child’s fever does not improve in more than 48 hours.
  • If the irritability does not improve due to the infection. In this sense, Doctor Calpe explains that the child should be diagnosed so that they can prescribe the corresponding medication.
  • If they cannot tolerate liquids. With the sweat of fever, a part of body water is eliminated and, consequently, dehydration results.
  • If in addition to the fever you get spots on the skin, you can treat the sickness like the chicken pox or the measles.

When should you go to the emergency room?

  • When the children are younger than 3 months.
  • If the child’s fever does not disappear and suffers another serious, chronic diagnosed disease.
  • If they have convulsions or pass out.
  • In the case that the fever does not lower and they have difficulty breathing.
  • If it is hard to wake up and they are sleeping all the time.
  • Whenever you get red spots on the skin that do not disappear when you stretch the skin.
  • If you have a stiff neck and you are unable to lower your head when you are looking at your legs.

Remember, daddy has to stay calm in order to help your child as best as possible, nobody said it was easy 😉

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