Minor burns in children and adults due to household accidents in the kitchen

What should I do in the face of burns due to a domestic accident?

Burns are one of the most common domestic accidents, which is why we must be prepared to act before them. They are mostly painful and many times the action in the first instants cannot be complicated. We will enumerate the steps to follow, but remember that to prevent them is the most important. Monitor the kitchen, especially if there are children present it is essential so that they do not occur.

I got burned, what should I do?

  • COLD WATER Cool down the area with cold water for about 10 minutes. Do not use ice. Remove the clothes from the area (careful if it is hooked to the skin, cut the lateral areas and above all do not stretch).
  • BLISTERS If a blister has appeared in the area and is intact, disinfect with an antiseptic. If the blister breaks, wash with water and soap, disinfect with antiseptic and cut the “dead” skin of the area with sterile scissors.
  • COVER AREA with sterile bandage if the burn does not ooze (remove fluid).
    • Wide area of burn
    • Very deep affectation
    • Electric burn
    • Wound that exudes
  • DO NOT USE toothpaste, butter or anything similar to that. It does not help and can make the burn worse!


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