Kidney stones: how to avoid them

You need to ride a roller coaster, preferably in the last car, to fix your kidney stones. At least that’s what David Wartinger, professor emeritus at the University of Michigan, United States recommends. The truth is that this scientist did an experiment with an artificial kidney and found that the movements of fast falls and … Continued

Psoriasis: the treatment to cure it

Have you been diagnosed with psoriasis? Does this situation affect your mood? Do you worry about your image to the point that you have stopped doing many things that you like? Psoriasis is not a serious disease in most cases, but it is very annoying and even disabling due to its social consequences: nobody likes … Continued

Panic attack: causes, symptoms and treatment

Surely, on more than one occasion you have gone through a situation similar to that of a panic attack, either by very negative thoughts, by internalized fears or even when there is no real danger. The panic is not distinguished by age or sex. The emotion experienced in previous moments bring us thoughts of uncertainty … Continued

The most frequent infections in summer

It’s finally summer; the weather is good, the days are long, the vacations begin… What a desire to enjoy and enjoy the days to the fullest! However, you begin to not feel well and your throat hurts and you start coughing. To make matters worse, your child has been bitten by a jellyfish and a … Continued

I want to get a tattoo, but I have doubts

It is normal that you have doubts about what to do, where and when, but what you really ask yourself is, what do I do when I no longer like it? Fortunately, today there are techniques for erasing ink, but they are very painful and expensive. Therefore, we must be very certain if we want … Continued

Why do so many sores appear?

It has happened to all of us at some point in our lives… one (best case scenario) or several cold sores appear on the oral mucosa, which causes us so much discomfort that it affects the quality of our life, preventing us from eating or talking normally. What are mouth or cold sores? Sores are … Continued

Athletes foot: What is it and how is it cured?

Athlete’s foot is a very common condition in summer that can be difficult to get rid of, but it is easy to prevent with the following recommendations. Foot fungus? Athlete’s foot, also known as tinea pedis, is an infection of the skin caused by the fungus Trichophyton. It gets the name athlete’s foot because it … Continued

How to end the darned travel sickness

You’re about to go on a trip with your family, it’s a long 3 hour car ride and you’re already suffering from travel sickness before you leave. You usually get car sick while traveling and you start to feel a strange sensation as soon as the journey begins: you are nauseous, a cold sweat drenches … Continued

What do I do if I get bitten by a jellyfish?

We call it a jellyfish sting, but in reality they are not stings: it is the “skin” of the jellyfish itself. The skin has small darts that are capable of injecting the stinging substance that causes the wound. That’s why you must be careful! Simple rubbing is already harmful and a jellyfish can sting you … Continued