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Careful! Cosmetics also expire

If you are one of those people who cannot live without makeup and cosmetics, you should know that if you use them correctly, they will leave you with a radiant face, so long as you continue your cleaning and care routine.

Makeup is not something that goes out of style. As technology advances, we can see that with everyday there are more cosmetic products that have the same objective: meeting the needs that are created for both men and women. According to one study, when a man begins to care for himself, he can be even more faithful to the routine than a woman. Any treatment can be applied on women as on men. Although, exfoliation, hydration of the face and protection from the sun must be kept in mind for both.

Do you think you can use your cosmetic products well?

It is not surprising that we use products without knowing the correct way to do so. We even continue to use the creams in our toiletry kit once they have expired. The amount of visits to the dermatologist has increased dramatically due to the poor quality of certain products, resulting in skin problems.

It is very important to pay attention to the composition of products, since we could be allergic to some of the components.

These are the habits that you should fix:


It is very common to share clothes, accessories and even makeup among teenagers and family members. But beware! Sharing your toiletries, including: eye pencil, lipstick, mascara, powders, and the multitude of brushes increases the risk of infections, such as conjunctivitis (pink eye), herpes and lip wounds.

Additionally, we all have different skin types that have certain care needs. If someone has an acne breakout, we can contract the bacteria that remain in their products or brushes.


It is not uncommon to come home after a party and be so tired that you go straight to bed without washing your face. This is a mistake! Never go to bed with makeup on again. You are preventing the skin from being oxygenated while you rest. You relax and your face recovers after being exposed to various creams, makeup and bacteria from the environment throughout the day.

You should know that the prebases and bases of liquid makeup contain silicones to refine the pores, but if you do not take care of your face properly, you will end up clogging the pores and developing an acne problem.

Additionally, all eye makeup (eyeliners, eye shadows, mascara) can cause eye irritation since they contain oils and waxes that block the glands and damage the skin. Therefore, it is smart to remove your makeup with products in it.


This is something we do not pay attention to. Certainly you have at least one product in your bag that you do not remember getting.

Have you stopped to think that it may be expired and could damage your skin?

Products such as eye shadows, eye liners, lipsticks, among others, do expire and can cause an infection in the skin. They lose all of their properties, including their fragrance, and can seriously damage your skin.

Now that you know this, you must complete your homework and look at the expiration date of all your products. The PAO (Period After Opening) can be found on the back of a product along with its composition, indicating the months for the life of the product. Get new and higher quality products. Will you do it?


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