Breastfeeding: The most frequent problems

For many breastfeeding mothers, breastfeeding their baby is one of the best moments of their lives. And it is true, since it is a relationship of affection and attachment between mother and child. It is not always so idyllic, though. Problems often arise that can cause despair and anxiety, especially in first-time mothers. First of … Continued

Athletes foot: What is it and how is it cured?

Athlete’s foot is a very common condition in summer that can be difficult to get rid of, but it is easy to prevent with the following recommendations. Foot fungus? Athlete’s foot, also known as tinea pedis, is an infection of the skin caused by the fungus Trichophyton. It gets the name athlete’s foot because it … Continued

Contraceptive pills and their side effects

Nowadays, many of us opt for taking birth control pills. You are probably satisfied with the comfort and security that they offer you. But still, it is possible you may have many doubts about the effects and benefits for your health. Our sexologist, Claudia Kösler, clarifies all of the information for us. Birth control pills … Continued

How to end the darned travel sickness

You’re about to go on a trip with your family, it’s a long 3 hour car ride and you’re already suffering from travel sickness before you leave. You usually get car sick while traveling and you start to feel a strange sensation as soon as the journey begins: you are nauseous, a cold sweat drenches … Continued

Pink eye, this is how it is spread and cured

This summer, you not only have to be careful with the heat, the sun and food, but pink eye can come surprise you as well and “steal” a couple of your vacation days. It is one of the most common eye infections and is not life threatening. Pink eye is contracted through simple contact with … Continued

What do I do if I get bitten by a jellyfish?

We call it a jellyfish sting, but in reality they are not stings: it is the “skin” of the jellyfish itself. The skin has small darts that are capable of injecting the stinging substance that causes the wound. That’s why you must be careful! Simple rubbing is already harmful and a jellyfish can sting you … Continued

Heat stroke; avoid heat stroke with these tips

Do you know how to protect yourself from heat stroke? You are on the beach, the mountain, or traveling visiting another city. You have been walking all day or you are inside the car without air conditioning in the worst hours of the day, sweating- it is normal, it’s summer. You are tired and you … Continued

Varicocele, When should I operate?

Do you know that you can have varicose veins in your testicles? Yes, just like in your legs, but in your testicles. They usually appear between the ages of 15-25 and can cause infertility. It rarely occurs after age 40, and it is important to monitor from early on. What is varicocele? It is a … Continued

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