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The 5 best exercises to stay in shape during vacations

Have you started vacation and forgotten about the gym?

Do not worry because we have a solution for the days when you are at the beach with your friends and family. Didn’t you know? You are actually in the best gym that could have been invented: the beach. Nature offers many options to be active, even on holidays, from various sand sports to numerous water sports. Take the holidays and practice this new routine and you will not regret practicing what everyone loves: outdoor sports.

Our personal trainer, David Peinado, specialist in sports training, tells us that we must lower the intensity of training given that it is more complex to perform with the heat. In addition, hydration is very important. If you do not hydrate, you can suffer muscle injuries. Drink before, during and after exercise.

Summer is a good time to experiment with new activities and change routines, but keep the basics. Above all, our coach emphasizes not letting more than 3 days go by without doing any physical activity. The ideal is to skip the days one training with one day of rest. This will help you to easily get back into it in September.


  • SQUATS (3 REPETITIONS OF 20) Time spent: 3 minutes.

The objective is to strengthen the muscles of the trunk and legs. As you progress, correct the posture. Bend your knees forward and keep your back straight.

  • JUMP ROPE (3 REPETITIONS OF 50) Time spent: 6 minutes.

Do what you can! Take your time, jump as you can. The trick is to push yourself with the tip of your feet to get a more elastic jump. If you do not have a rope, don’t worry. The important thing is to jump in the same place.

  • ONE STEP AHEAD (3 REPETITIONS OF 15 STEPS) Time spent: 5 minutes.

Walk along the shore and in each stride, bend both legs. Keep the spine straight, look ahead and go for the next step.

  • SWIM (6 LAPS OF 25 MTS) TIme spent: 10 minutes.

The water is there, take advantage and swim some laps. You will move muscles that you did not know you had and your back will appreciate it.

  • WALKING (5 KM PER DAY) Time invested: 30 minutes.

Start walking through the wet sand, softening the footprint and refresh the ankles. Then continue on the drier sand. You will notice that it is harder and even maintaining your balance is more difficult. Be aware of injuries on the dry land. For the more daring, go into the water up to your thighs and walk. You will strengthen the abdomen and back.


We cannot forget that to properly do a workout, we must protect our skin with sunscreen and not exercise in the hottest hours of the day. Remember to stretch once you finish, but this time on a towel.

As you can see, in just under an hour we have done a complete exercise and we are ready to go to the beach bar. What do you think? I challenge you to continue with these habits during all your summer vacations. Get yourself a partner. Wherever you are, physical exercise is easy and fun. Not everything will be playing in the sand. Happy summer!

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