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Cannot sleep? The best advice to end insomnia

The same time, the same place. 3 in the morning and you still haven’t slept? Do you not know how to choose the right position? If you have looked at the phone 5 times, taken off the covers, drank water, and counted an entire flock of sheep, do not worry because you are not alone in this… We will give you the password so that you can sleep better and you will not be a zombie in the mornings!

What makes you sleepy? 

Let’s start by knowing what insomnia is. Insomnia is a sleep disorder that does not let us sleep. It affects more than 37% of the adult population and presents numerous symptoms such as difficulty sleeping several hours in a row, constant awakenings, daytime sleepiness and poor work performance. In other words, that you cannot stand.

It can be a consequence of mental illnesses, of the heart or hormonal changes. Therefore, it is very important to rule out these causes by consulting a professional and above all, not self-medicating without a prescription.

We’ll go straight to the point. Spending the nights awake is such a daily situation that we have experienced on more than one occasion, either due to the stress of exams, work, personal relationships or personal problems. Sleep hygiene is your solution against stress.

Counting little sheep no longer takes

If you have arrived here, it is because you are desperately looking for the best tips to sleep like a baby, get up in a few hours like new, and with a state of mind that does not presume sleeping soundly. I fear that tomorrow will be a hard day, like any start, but trust. You will appreciate it.

Sleep hygiene includes a series of good habits. Accomplishing them will require effort, but do not worry because little by little you will fall into the arms of Morfeo, our God of the dreams. All this said:

  1. Establish a fixed schedule. Yes, yes, just like when you wake up, have breakfast at 8 and eat at 2. Try to have dinner two hours before going to bed.
  2. Get into light dinners. That is why it is very important to make 5 meals a day so as not to arrive anxiously at night and devour everything that is within your reach.
  3. Avoid coffees and teas in the afternoon. Careful with beer because although we say that it makes us sleepy (which does happen), in the middle of the night it metabolizes in our body and makes us snore and wake up. “I never snore. True? No, it’s going on…”
  4. Short naps. If you are a seer, the best is to make it no more than 15 min. The mind does not need more time to relax.
  5. Do sports for at least 3 hours before you go to bed, without it you will activate yourself even more.
  6. Relax yourself. Take a bath, read a book or carry out a breathing technique and you will get to connect your brain with these patterns that are predisposed to sleep.
  7. Disconnect from your phone. This is your bed. N-O. You will have time tomorrow to respond on whatsapps and chat about Instagram, Facebook, and whatever you want. Now is not the time.
  8. Turn off the lights and close the curtains. The bedroom should be dark, in silence and at an average temperature, “not cold or hot”. Do not forget that the bed and the pillow also play a vital role in rest.
  9. Stop making life in the bed. Keep it for sleeping (and for sex).

And no less important, forget everything and sleep. Goodnight!


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